About Us

Founded on the principle of “Friends Helping Friends”, we are an independent artist development, band promotion, music marketing, and social networking company, geared specifically toward the metal music genre. We promote from the heart and believe in cultivating relationships, not just working business transactions.
The core founding members are musicians, managers, agents, promoters, and public relations professionals who share an undying passion for metal music, and a sincere interest in your success! Unlike many other internet-based promotion companies, our network (and services) extend beyond the web!

Our primary goal is to assist the independent metal musician in developing a marketable brand through exposure to hundreds (some cases) thousands of top music industry resources. This includes radio stations, magazines, web directories, blogs, podcasts, social networks, licensing opportunities (film/tv/games), managers, agents, labels, and more.

Worldwide exposure is just part of the equation. We also provide artist development/music business resources through periodic industry articles, news, and updates, as well as a Resource Link Section. Subscription to our Newsletter also keeps you up to date on the business of music, as well as additional promotion opportunities, contests, etc.

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