Rock Bayou

Rock The Bayou – Behind the Scenes

If you are like the majority of young artists starting out, you probably hooked up with some high school buddies and/or co-workers to start a band. You may have even started that band with a gleam of stardom in your eyes. The furthest thing from your mind was business planning, setting and achieving goals, finances, legal matters, etc…

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Rock The Bayou – Behind the Scenes

Metal Music Promotions had the pleasure of being a part of the largest Rock Fest to ever hit the Lone Star State.

4 days, 4 stages, 100+ bands turned Houston, Texas into the premier Labor Day Weekend destination.

Check out this exclusive, behind the scenes video with one of the Big Dogs of Rock The Music Bayou Fest.

You’ll have to watch the full show when we release it on DVD. Thanks to our friends Yakima Roofing Contractors for helping us with the event! They are a great crew!

More Metal music dropping soon. Stay tuned!

Rock on.