Yvonne’s World: Artist of the Month – DynaHead, Ledaswan

YVONNE’S WORLD represents the very foundation on which Metal Music Promotions was built!  Begun in 2004 for the specific purpose of spotlighting unsigned artists, her promotion efforts are praised by artists and industry pros alike.  The L.A. based MUEN Magazine features ‘Yvonne’s World’ as a regularly published column in every issue.



This month her attention is focused on the Brazilian Metal band, DYNAHEAD, and San Antonio rockers, LEDASWAN! Let’s show these bands some serious metal love.

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Brazil may sound like a distant place, but that’s only for those who aren’t acquainted with the best of underground music in recent years. From a scene that is famous for bringing some of the most innovative acts in music, Dynahead released their debut full length, ‘Antigen’, an album that manages to sound intriguing and original, even in a world where everything seems to have been done before.

Read the entire article on page 102 of the July issue of MUEN Magazine!


San Antonio based rock band, Ledaswan, produces and records their own music, which paid off with ‘Verse of Truth, Trash and Beauty’. The band’s debut album won Best Album of 2007, as voted by readers of The San Antonio Current.

The band is led by Erica Gutierrez, who’s vocal range varies from ethereal to haunting, which lead her to winning the 2007 San Antonio Current Best Singer-Songwriter Award.

Read the entire article on page 103 of the July issue of MUEN Magazine!